Geiler EyeCare provides frames and eyewear for all price ranges, for all patients. Our labs work with both ophthalmic glass and the various ophthalmic plastics used in the manufacturing of corrective lenses. One might ask why we do not have our own in house lab to manufacture lenses. We have found through the decades here at Geiler EyeCare our labs in the Valley have the ability to reproduce your refraction to higher standards than the “In- house types”. This ensures you the patient that when your prescription spectacles are ready, you will receive the highest quality and the very best vision possible.

We fit rigid gas permeable contact lenses and soft contact lenses. Operating with both platforms allows the flexibility to address the entire spectrum of corneal disease and refractive complications. The field of soft contact lenses has made several technological developments in the past year addressing the high altitude in which we live. There are daily wear, weekly and monthly wear options available as we custom fit your eyes with the soft contact lens material. The rigid contact platform is used for disease and advanced refractive concerns. Dr. Todd Geiler makes sure he is involved in every step of the fitting and lens care process.

The following products: Eyeglasses; soft contact lenses; rigid gas permeable contact lenses.